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26 August 2009 @ 09:11 am
Yes, I am alive.  
Not a whole lot is new.

Danny and I had a lovers quarrel, but things are resolved and back to the way they were before.

We had a party last weekend. It was really nice. All the usual were there. We had sangria and hot dogs. Brian brought his own booze and got a little sauced and wound up streaking down the street. Thank god it was late at night and nobody saw him. We all laughed!

Danny and I are going to see Britney Spears on Saturday in Boston. We are so excited and have been dancing around the house singing and dancing to her music on repeat like 13 year old girls. I've heard a lot about this concert, like people having religion experiences.

I applied for work at the local temp/ job services agency. I got one call so far to do data entry, but I couldn't go because I had a doctor's appointment that I had been waiting for for a while. I hope something else comes in soon.

Fuck no jobs available. And people say the recession is over. Pshftt. Yeah. Right.

I need a haircut and some new clothes.

I am so excited for the cooler weather!  Today's supposed to be another scorcher so it looks like I will be doing stuff around the house in my skivvies.

Aaaand I love this song:

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