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05 August 2009 @ 09:30 am
A fist fulla BOOMSTICK!  
So I talked to my dad the other night. Nothing new to report. He's doing well. He told me about his swollen prostate (TMI Dad... TMI) and how I should start getting that checked so I don't get cancer. He's such a worry wart. He also told me about how the guys at the ship yard he works at found a cat so they all take turns buying it food and making sure it's safe living down there. I'm sure he'll end up taking it home with him at some point.

This past weekend Danny and I went into Cranston to a Game Stop there because they said that they had a game in stock that I am looking for. Sadly, the only copy they had was used (no big) but it was the disc only. I like buying it WITH the case and artwork. It makes it more enjoyable to me... So I went through the $9.99 and under bin and found Evil Dead: Fist Full Of Boomstick. It. Is. Awesome! I loved the E.D. movies and I love Bruce Campbell as Ash and the game gets 100 points just because he does the voice in this!

Here is some man candy:

I'd grab a fist full of HIS boomstick any day. ;D

Danny and I also got tickets to see Rent at the Providence Theater. It's going to be nice. I heard that the 2 original leads are doing the tour. Danny's so excited!