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07 August 2009 @ 12:29 pm
I need to make more of these...  
I had a cook out at my house last night, just because. It was me, Danny, Brian and his wife Emma, and Stephanie. It was nice. Many laughs ensued. Stephanie brought pineapple sangria -- amazing! We had hamburgers and hot dogs, watermelon, and these amazing potato wedges I made. They are delicious, and really easy to make.

Basically, you peel and cut potatoes and cut them into wedges. Then you drizzle some olive oil on them and add your seasoning. On mine, I used blackened seasoning, and lemon pepper. Then you stick them into the oven for a little bit until they get golden brown and their centers become soft. It was about.. 30 minutes or so? My stove sucks so it could take less time.

Brian then decided to show us his new iPhone app that lets you search for known sex offenders in your area. So, naturally we all typed in our addresses, and the names of creep teachers we had in high school. It was good laughs.

Then we just hung out until.. 11 or so. Brian and Emma left because they had work, at 7 this morning. Danny went to bed soon after and Stephanie and I sat out talking for a little longer after that.

It was good times.

I think we are going to go Geocaching some time! Sounds amazing!

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