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11 August 2009 @ 12:03 pm
Nothing better.  
There is nothing better in this world than putting on a pair of brand new underwear after a nice shower. Well, unless that under wear is from American Apparel.

Compared to the last few days, yesterday (and so far today) has been oppressively hot. I can deal with 93+ weather, but when the humidity is that of a rain forest, that, I cannot take.

Yesterday Danny and I went to Westminster/ Weybosset St. in down town Providence. We went to American Apparel and got new underwear. He got red, yellow, and traffic cone orange briefs, and I got blue/ teal boxer briefs.

For lunch we went to the hot bar at Gourmet Heaven. We got a little of every thing each and went WAY over the 1lb mark so lunch was a pretty penny.

We were going to go see a movie but then went home instead because we couldn't agree on anything. We wound up watching re-runs of iCarly and Army of Darkness on Demand.

We had pizza for dinner, took showers and went to bed. It was pretty chill.

I'm off to eat some cold pizza and sit half naked in front of the Air Conditioner. I should be job hunting, but it's too hot to concentrate today.  I think i'm gonna take Danny to the beach after work. Hopefully it will be cooled off enough for a quick dip tonight.
Current Mood: hothot