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12 August 2009 @ 03:04 pm
It's 3:00 and I'm bored  
Five Things You Are Addicted To
One: Danny
Two: Frappuchinos.
Three: Laughing.
Four: Music.
Five: Danny...

Five Places You Want To Visit Before You Die
One: London.
Two: New Zeland.
Three: Tokyo.
Four: Forkes, WA.
Five: Alberta.

Five Movies You Absolutely Loved
One: Donnie Darko.
Two: Repo the Genetic Opera.
Three: Crash.
Four: Shaun of the Dead.
Five: Labyrinth.

Five Movies That Absolutely Sucked
One: Saving Silverman.
Two: The Matrix.
Three: Kill Bill.
Four: Cool Runnings.
Five: Xanadu.

Five Things That You Find Extremely Disgusting
One: Bologna.
Two: Guacamole.
Three: Vomit.
Four: Maggoty work like beasts.
Five: Grown ups in animal costumes.

Five Of Your Pet Peeves
One: Hipster slang.
Two: People who chew gum with their mouths open.
Three: Gum in general.
Four: One night stands with out a call back.
Five: People looking through my phone..

Five Fashion Styles You Hate
One: Indoor scarves.
Two: Spandex.
Three: Gem sweaters.
Four: Metallic spandex.
Five: Crocs.

Five Of Your Favorite Restaurants
One: Sakura.
Two: Rick's Road House.
Three: Starbucks... does that count?
Four: Papa John's.
Five: Stop & Shop... I like making my own food.

Five Things You Would Get If You Won The Lottery
One: Pay off loans..
Two: Get a new car for Danny and me.
Three: A bigger house.
Four: Get those fun porcelain teeth that the celebrities have.
Five: An amusement park.

Five Random Things Around You
One: The computer...
Two: Glass of water with lime.
Three: Books.
Four: A sex toy.
Five: An octopus toy.

Five Little Known Things About You
One: I was born on Halloween.
Two: I had my first time when I was 21.
Three: Alcohol makes me sick.
Four: I sleep with a light on.
Five: I have a lucky pair of socks.

Five Things That Would Make Your Perfect Day
One: Danny to be with me 24/7
Two: Finding free money.
Three: Meeting Lady Gaga
Four: My parents to come by.
Five: A thunder storm.

Five Things You Want To Say To Five People (w/out saying names)
One: "I love you."
Two: "Go to hell you barf bag."
Three: "You should come over again soon."
Four: "How's tricks?"
Five: "Seriously? Married?"

Five Random Things That Start With The Same Letter As Your First Name
One: Gold.
Two: Ground.
Three: Ginger.
Four: Grapefruit.
Five: Gravy.

Five Things That Always Cheer You Up
One: The Carpenter's song "Top of the World".
Two: Starbucks.
Three: Danny.
Four: Phone calls.
Five: Sex.

Five Things You Use Everyday
One: Shower.
Two: Stove.
Three: Car.
Four: Toothbrush.
Five: Computer.

Five Animals You'd Want As Pets, But Can't
One: Penguin.
Two: Marmot.
Three: Porpoise.
Four: Guinea Pig.
Five: Porcupine.

Five People That'd Be On Your Dream Team To Fight Off Zombies
One: Danny.
Two: Brian.
Three: Stephanie.
Four: Bruce Campbell.
Five: Buffy Summers.

Five Names You Hate
One: Doug.
Two: Hannah.
Three: Beryl.
Four: Brit.
Five: Tyler.

Five Things You Love To Drink
One: Frapps.
Two: Chai.
Three: Water.
Four: Coffee milk.
Five: Dr. Pepper.

Five Things You Find Attractive
One: Danny.
Two: Men.
Three: Shiny objects such as mirrors and glitter.
Four: Glitter.
Five: Novelty phones.

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